The regular meeting of the International Association for Semiotics of space (IASSp/AISE)

Moscow, Russia

20–21th September 2018



White hall ( of The Russian Academy of Arts



Abramov, Roman

National research university Higher School of Economics, Russia

The semantic landscape of informal museumification of the late soviet period in Russia:

contexts of nostalgia and mythologisation

Arutyunyan, Julia

St. Petersburg state academic institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I.E. 

Repin at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts,

The visual rhetoric of landscape in architectural drawings of Étienne Martellange (1569-1641)

Bespalov, Alexey A.

Ural federal university, Russia

Heterotopia of homosexuality: Pride-House as an concept and the real place

Davidson, Kyle

University of Tartu, Estonia

Interface Design: Space and (Computer) Architecture

Gavrilina, Larisa

Moscow State Institute of Culture, Russia

Kaliningrad heterotopia: visualization of regional originality

KIM, Sung Do

professor of semiotics at Korea University, vice-president of IASS

The gardens of East Asia as heterotopia

Kulkina, Varvara

Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION), Moscow

Heterotopia as specific semiotic system

Lavrenova, Olga

Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION), leading researcher

Another space: The semantic of road in cultural landscape

Leonova, Yulia

Ideal Spaces Group

Jungle, antiquity and modernism: culture and geography in the works of Brazilian

landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx

Liusyi, Aleksandr

Film and Television School (GITR), Russian Federatin

Through trolling: On the subject of heterotopic activity

Makarenko, Vadim

Moscow state linguistic university, Moscow

Toponymical Leers of Maps as the Heterotopia of the National and World Space

Mitin, Ivan

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia

Cultural landscape as a palimpsest: place semiosis, multivocal urbanity & mental mapping

Morozova, Milena

Moscow State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Russia

The method of literary mapping and its application

Muntañola, Josep

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Hermeneutics semiotics and architecture: timaeus revisited again

Pellegrino, Pierre

CRAAL, Switzerland

Semiotics of space: landscape and virtual world

Puchkov, Maksim

Ural State University of Architecture and Arts, Russia

Interface model of architectural object and methods of modern urban space design

Remm, Tiit

Department of Semiotics, Institute of Philosofy and Semiotics, University of Tartu

Textualisation and socio-cultural heterotopia in urban planning processes

Retejum, Alex

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

The last semiotic shift in the cultural landscape studies

Sakellaridou, Rena

Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece

So close to design…

Suvorova, Anna

Perm State University & Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Russia

Geopoetics: duality of city space in contemporary art (Permian case)

Tchertov, Leonid

Art School, Saint Petersburg, Russia

On semiotization and re-semiotization of city space

Vasilski, Dragana

University Union Nikola Tesla, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Belgrade, Serbia

Sense of simplicity as a model of meaning in cultural landscape

Case study: Minimalism in Architecture

Velinov, Ivo Ivanov

South-East European Center for Semiotic Studies

Lecturer in Semiotics, Sociology and Anthropology

New Bulgarian University

Cultural representations in space of otherness

Zinovieva, Olga

Ptitsyn, Andrei

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

Higher School of Economics, Russia

Semiotic allusions of the Universe and space exploration in urban environment