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Russian geographer, anthropologist, philosopher, historian.

Honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts.

Candidate of geographical Sciences (1996), doctor of philosophical Sciences (2011).

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Russian research institite of cultural and natural heritage named by Dmitry Likhachev (1992–2013), a leading researcher. Investigations in the field of theory and methodology of studying cultural landscape. Led the theme: “Landscape of culture of Russia: dynamics and culture-Geographical structure and interactions of differences”, etc.

The Museum by named by Nicholas Roerich (1998–2006), leading researcher. Led the themes: “The history of geography and the Central-Asian (1924–1928) and Manchuria (1934-1934) expeditions of Nicholas Roerich”, “The history of Russian to emigrate to China”.

The Institute of scientific information on human science (INION) Russian Academy of Sciences, leading researcher (2015 – present).

The autor and organizer of the project “Geography of art” (conferences 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019).

The managing editor of the science collection “Geography of art” (1995–2011, 2016–2019).

Teaching activity:

The Moscow Humanitarian University (2014–2015 academic year) – Professor.

They Moscow School of Economics, MSU named by Mikhail Lomonosov (2015–present) – lecturer in economic geography.

North-Eastern Federal University (2015–2016) – Professor, faculty of history.

The High School of television and radio named by M.A. Litovchin (2016–present) – Professor.

Department of Modern Languages and Communication of National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (2019 — present) — Professor.

Publishing activities:

The managing editor of collections:

The geography of art. Vol. 1–6. – M., 1994–2011. (In Russian)

The geography of art: the interdistiplinary field of study. – M., SPb.: Center humanitarian Initiative, 2016 – 208 p. (In Russian)

The geography of art: insaid-out. – M.: GITR, 2018 – 316 p. (In Russian)

The geography of art: expanding horizons. – M.: GITR, 2018 – 414 p. (In Russian)

Publisher of the archive materials from the Russian and American archives. 

The journal “Culture and time” (M.: ICR), the chief editor.