Membership in the Association



A person seeking to become a Member of the Association must encloses in his/her application form:

1. Short CV / Bionote

2. List of the published papers in the field of semiotics, thematically related to space and time

3. Photo


The candidate submits the application to the Secretary, which is further considered and voted by the members of the Executive board. If necessary, the opinion of the members of the Scientific Council is required.


The Secretary will be responsible for all communications with applicants for membership, and will provide information to applicants or to the Executive Board.


The Secretary will maintain, and update, an official roster of the Members of the Association, and will make this information public via the Association’s official website.


Information provided by applicants shall be treated as confidential information and shall not be shared or distributed except as required by this Chapter. The Secretary shall take appropriate steps to ensure the adequate protection of applicant information.