In general, our Association works on the semiotics of space, but it aspire to integrate in its objectives the semiotic of time, by articulating it with that of space, so it bears the title of International Association of Semiotics of Space and Time (AISE + T).


Space, mental as well as physic - architectural, urban and regional, … - is a complex semiotic product and is produced by an equally complex set of economic, techno-logical, social, political processes.

Whether we act in and perceive space as a clue, an instrument or sign, a symptom or a mere trace, its linkage to time is slightly different in each case. Yet the passage of time can always be measured in space. On the human scale, physical time is continuous. Experienced time, which is a semiotic time, is not the same as physical, or cosmic, time. The meaning of being in the world is perceived through time, through duration or through a break in its flow, in an ending or in infinity, and its sage is made manifest in space.

Space and time each have their own dialectic: that of the relation to the other acts in space, that of the relation to oneself in time. Their crossing produces a primordial articulation of the meaning of existence, as opposed to the other, here now, as opposed to elsewhere, formerly or in the future. This articulation is general, at the base of all semiotics.


Faced with an era of globalization that may well reinforce the gap between territorial social formations, our Association is focused to reaffirm the universality of artistic and scientific thought. The cognitive and neural sciences should enable the semiotics verify, correct and develop the description and explanation of semiosis process of sensation, from first reception

until the full meaning of intellection, of space and time.


For forty years, the contributions of the researchers of our Association, in the various scientific meetings, are reflected that have directly answered questions of the meaning by linking to dimensions of the space and time.